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You’ve come to the right place!

With a full team of qualified RTITB instructors and over 25 years of experience, DW Forklift Training Ltd is your go-to provider for fully accredited forklift training in Birmingham.

We offer a variety of training options from our purpose-built centre in the heart of Birmingham, catering to all skill levels.

Our forklift courses are ideal whether you’re a novice forklift truck driver or are simply looking for a refresher course to keep your knowledge up to date.

Our featured Forklift Courses

Below we have highlighted some of our forklift training courses. These are based on your individual requirements, so we can work together so you can achieve the best possible outcome as a result of forklift training in Birmingham.


If you are a company that is using a forklift truck for the first time or are an individual that has no previous forklift experience, then this is the perfect course to teach you the basics.

Operates on a 3:1:1 structure (3 trainees: 1 instructor: 1 truck)


If you are fully trained and certificated to use a forklift truck but have been out of action for a while, then DW Forklift Training offer a refresher course to make you feel more at ease.

Operates on a 3:1:1 structure (3 trainees: 1 instructor: 1 truck)


If you are trained and certificated on a certain type of forklift but want to expand your knowledge to cover other types of trucks, then our conversion course could be the perfect way going about this.

Operates on a 3:1:1 structure (3 trainees: 1 instructor: 1 truck)


This course is ideal for forklift truck drivers that have an extensive amount of experience using one of these vehicles already but does not have a licence to use one or has had any formal training.

Operates on a 1:1:1 structure (1 trainee: 1 instructor: 1 truck)

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Here's what our clients say

David Dacres
David Dacres
It was easy than i taught the instructer take time out to teach us step by step very good i would recommend any one to train with DW Forklift Training
Ayr's Gallery
Ayr's Gallery
So helpful, step by step, easy understandable and patient trainers. I would highly recommend this DW forklift training Birmingham ????????
Pak Kong Lam
Pak Kong Lam
I recently completed my Counter Balance Forklift Truck training with both Shaz and David. They are very professional and being patient during the training. Shaz was the first instructor of my training, and he had shared a lot of his knowledge and experience with us. His knowledge and experience can really show when explaining different systems and how they work. We had time to practice operating the forklift in a controlled environment, allowing us to gain confidence and proficiency. David was the instructor of second day. He didn't mind to spend his own break time to provide us time to practice operating the forklift in a controlled environment, allowing us to gain confidence and proficiency. He pointed out all my mistakes in one go, tried to help me to improve my performance, and found my self growing in confidence more and more! On last day of training, Shaz had provided me a lot of time on practicing without stress. He had encouraged me and provided me with some more knowledge on different situation. Thank you for Everything!
Takudzwa Mugari
Takudzwa Mugari
Being trained by Shaz at DW Forklift Training centre was an amazing experience ever. The guys are so friendly and their services is so good.
Stuart Cosgrove
Stuart Cosgrove
Good trainer's and a good course to go on well recommended
Alan Miles
Alan Miles
Great training no messing about great instructors
Zigmars Zaics
Zigmars Zaics
Top training highly Professionals People thanks shaz for your help highly recommend this centrē to anyone
Tom Harding
Tom Harding
I recently completed my Counter Balance Forklift Truck training with David. I have to say from the beginning to the end, his knowledge and experience can really show when explaining different systems and how they work. After even the first day with David my knowledge had grown considerably, and found my self growing in confidence more and more! Thankyou for sharing your knowledge with me, and taking time to explain how certain parts of the truck work, the dos and do nots! Amazing trainer Credit to the company! Thankyou for Everything
Ian Harris
Ian Harris
Was really great doing my course with these lads.instructions was made straight forward . I would definitely recommend these guys. ????

All Forklift training courses

Our training course has one of the highest pass rates in the country

and completing our training will make you eligible for a forklift license in Birmingham. Setting you well on your way towards being a capable forklift driver and the perfect person to call upon when needed.


Getting your forklift training on site has the advantage of operators being familiar with the actual equipment and types of loads they will be using in their daily working environment. There is also no wasted travel time or expense for the delegates, or you.

The benefits for companies who invest in fork lift operator training far outweigh the cost of any training course. Apart from meeting your health & safety obligations, a skilled workforce will result in a more efficient handling operation and less accidental damage. View our forklift training company bookings section for more details on accredited and non-accredited FLT training (in-house license).


DW Forklift Training Ltd has registered, accredited RTITB certified instructors to ensure that our trainees are provided with onsite training at nominated workshops or warehouses. This allows reduced training costs and leaves our trainees with an experience to remember. *Our instructors are qualified to deliver any forklift training within nominated premises and your premises* *Any premises used are HSE standard* *Prices are based on maximum, Instructor: Candidate training Ratio of 3:1:1 Prices are per candidate. All prices are subject to change*

The possibilities are endless

Our classrooms are fully equipped with the latest technology to further enhance your learning and ensure that you’re fully prepped for your end-of-course exams.

Most of our training sessions are given to small groups of up to three people, but if you’d rather learn one-to-one, this can be arranged.

If you’re someone who prefers to learn in a familiar environment, or oversee your staff as they undergo their forklift training, we offer onsite forklift training in the West Midlands.

Raising the bar

The DW Forklifts Training Blog

Welcome to ‘Raising the Bar’—DW Forklift Training’s exclusive blog space. Explore our expert-driven content designed to elevate your forklift skills and industry knowledge. Get ready to soar above standards and lift your expertise to new heights with every insightful read.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the training cost?

Due to the sheer range of forklift courses in Birmingham that DW Forklift Training offers, we couldn’t possibly list all of the prices that we charge on this page! We feel it would be unfair to list a range of prices that may not be necessary for the knowledge you require. We may either put you off with prices that are too high for what you actually need or leave you with hidden costs later on that put us out of budget.

Our forklift training in West Midlands is tailored to your needs and wants, as we understand that everyone has a different level of prior industry knowledge. The last thing we want is for you to waste your time going over the knowledge you already know!

We offer a range of bespoke options and 1-to-1 courses so you can learn exactly what you need to for the next stage of your own personal journey. Just simply specify your level of knowledge with us beforehand and we will gladly work around it.

As a result, we charge a very fair and competitive price for our forklift training in Birmingham, allowing you to get the most out of your course for the money you pay. To discuss your course requirements with one of our expert team, give us a call today on 0121 5170295 or email us at

Here at DW Forklift Training, we strive to have your course completed as quickly as possible, as we understand that any unnecessary delays can eat into your already busy schedule! But what we will not do is compromise on quality. We will always ensure that all knowledge has been taught to a thorough standard, so you can walk out of our forklift training in West Midlands. We also encourage the asking of questions and learning from those around you to make sure that you obtain the most knowledge possible from our forklift training. This way of collaborative learning has worked very effectively in all of our courses. Who knows, you might learn something valuable from one of your peers!

With this in mind, our courses are usually completed in six to eight hours (breaks included of course!). This gives us enough time to combine classroom learning with hands on experience, giving you an all-round picture of how to drive a forklift efficiently and safely. Once you have been taught by DW Forklift Training, we can assure you that you will become a skilled forklift driver in literally no time!

As you can probably guess, forklift training can only be performed by those who are qualified to do so professionally, so you receive the best possible training. To make sure that you can rely on the experts at DW Forklift Training to receive the best standard of learning, we are a team of fully qualified RTITB (Regulatory Body Industry Training Board) instructors. Our skill does not just stop there, as we have the experience to match. Over 30 years of industry experience in fact!

This means there is nothing we haven’t seen when it comes to forklifts, so you can rest assured that you are being taught by the experts, who are more than happy to pass on their knowledge of forklifts to you. This is what makes our forklift training one of the best around!

Be sure to get in touch with our friendly team of experts today to find out how we can help you become a better forklift driver with our forklift training in West Midlands.

A common misconception is that a licence to drive a car is needed to also drive a forklift, but this is not the case. After all, driving a forklift is a lot different to driving any other vehicle! Should you not have a car licence, don’t think that this counts you out of learning and passing our forklift training in Birmingham. We’re able to teach you from scratch so that you become a more than capable forklift driver and are able to pass our course and drive forklifts in the future.

In fact, many of the people that take our forklift course in Birmingham live in the city centre and don’t have a car licence, and we are happy to say that the vast majority of these students represent the trend we have company-wide. With exceptional pass rates, you needn’t worry about your driving experience when coming to us at DW Forklift Training.

The certification that you receive from DW Forklift Training will never expire, but this isn’t to say that you’re set for life! After all, important legislation may come into effect that may alter what you need to know to drive forklifts successfully and effectively.

In the past, we have found many people coming back to DW Forklift Training for a forklift refresher course in Birmingham under the guidance of their employer that would like them to receive the most up to date training possible.

Some companies prefer to have their employees re-certificated every 3 years to ensure the most relevant level of training, whilst others send their employees for high standards of training from us every 5 years. We are more than happy to oblige and offer the training required.

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